Shopify don’t make it easy. Here’s how you can.

Look up bookkeeping on Shopify’s help blog and you’ll find an article that starts less than helpfully, “It’s true that doing your own bookkeeping can be a complete nightmare”. Perhaps they are trying to disarm us with the truth. It’s a novel concept, we wonder if it will catch on.

Elsewhere, YouTube videos and tutorials will kick off their presentations with the unhelpful observation that “Shopify bookkeeping is boring”. It’s an obvious play for your attention, but if you crave an exciting life, just try avoiding it for very long and see if you like panic attacks or prison any better. ‘Exciting’ is not always good.

Shopify– the upsides and downsides

The upside is that selling on Shopify can be incredibly profitable, the downside is that you’ll quickly run into the administrative hell of Sales Tax. It’s not Shopify’s fault – using any kind of global marketplace is going to throw up the same horrors – and if you want to make money with an ecommerce storefront, negotiating tax hurdles is just something somebody must deal with. Even if you took someone on to the payroll to run it, they’d have the same problem and have to keep reinventing the wheel.

Or you could let Adminstant deal with it instead. We have experts experienced with the ecommerce admin and bookkeeping Shopify involves. If you have just the one Shopify outlet to bookkeep for it’s likely that most times you add a product or change the settings, you find yourself having to re-familiarise yourself with how way the software works. Once you start managing more shops, as we do, the best way to achieve your aims becomes much clearer. We know all the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Working with Adminstant for your Shopify bookkeeping will make you more efficient. Letting us do the legwork in keeping you compliant with sales tax and all the other arcane bookkeeping processes means you have more time to focus on your product. More time on your product translates to more sales and this time there’s no downside because we’ve set up the sales tax for you.

How we can help you Shopify

Do you have a Shopify store? Do you find that every time you tweak the settings, it’s almost as if you are starting again? Imagine leaving it all to Adminstant’s trusted experts instead and just getting on with the business of making sales. We can run any store set-up confidently, from data entry to bookkeeping and beyond.

Adminstant works because we work without adding work. As flexible, self-employed assistants, we pay our own tax and contributions, operate our own IT and are our own human resources department, office maintenance staff and secretaries. We can do all of that for you, too.

To find out more about us and how we can help you by taking on virtual administration, HR, project management, bookkeeping or executive assistance, contact us now.