There’s no accounting for Ecommerce, or is there? Introducing… Ecommerce bookkeepers

In the very early days of ecommerce, there used to be an application called Let’s Keep it Simple Spreadsheet or Let’s KISS. It did what it said under the shrink wrap – up to a point – but it turned out that the sentiment was more durable than the software. It morphed into Spreadsheet 2000 – or YSK – but perished long before the millennium arrived. Those of us who weren’t tech geniuses still longed for its keep-it-simple approach, but we only got the kiss-off from spreadsheet publishers.

Ecommerce software for bookkeepers

Fast forward to now and there are plenty of integrated accountancy packages that deal with all the complexities that ecommerce bookkeepers routinely face and attempt to keep-it-simple once again. Web applications like Sage, QuickBooks and Xero are all highly capable programs for handling anything that ecommerce bookkeepers can throw at them but, as always, familiarity with software and the processes and problems it seeks to solve is a huge boon for efficiency and productivity. You need someone who spends a long time every week in Sage, QuickBooks or Xero to get the most out of it for your business. The problem is there might not be enough work in the early days to take on staff or ever enough for dedicated personnel to become familiar enough with the software to spot problems as they arise.

Outsourcing a few hours a week or month often the best way to make the most out of bookkeeping software and saves employment overheads and costs, reduces the need for staff training and minimises your employer contributions. With all the software online, in the cloud and built for cooperative workflows, your ecommerce bookkeeper can be as virtual as your books.

Adminstant offer freelance virtual administrative assistants like bookkeepers for ecommerce. We are pre-trained and proficient in the various platforms and experienced in all varieties of enterprise from sole traders, partnerships and all the way up to national and multinational corporations.

Adminstant works because we work without adding work. As flexible, self-employed assistants, we pay our own tax and contributions, operate our own IT and are our own human resources department, office maintenance staff and secretaries. We can do all of that for you, too.

To find out more about us, how we keep it simple and how we can help you by taking on virtual administration, HR, project management, bookkeeping or executive assistance, contact us now.