How to get the most from online bookkeeping

At over four and a half million users, Intuit’s QuickBooks bookkeeping and online accountancy software is one of the most popular paid business applications in the world. To understand why, consider that it saves businesses, on average, around a hundred hours a year with its time-saving integrated approach to a company’s financials and bookkeeping. QuickBooks is, without question, a smart way to do business.

Keeping books in order is imperative. For larger firms there are issues of financial compliance you must adhere to; the information must be timely, accurate and current. At the same time, you can’t run any kind of business without the latest information at your fingertips. For smaller businesses, however, those fingertips are often the same ones that enter the information in the first place. For all its many benefits, there’s one problem with bookkeeping and that is the time it takes to keep the books. Not only time, but training, payroll, NI contributions and other employment costs.

If you are one of the four and a half million QuickBooks bookkeeping customers, you may well be saving eight hours of work a month – their cloud-based accountancy software is that good. It is also possible, however, that one of the most important jobs in your company is performed as one part of a suite of tasks delegated to either a junior member of staff or performed by someone whose time would be better used in helping you take that information and make plans for the financial future of the business.

QuickBooks; the virtual possibilities of remote bookkeeping

It doesn’t have to be this way. The good news is that QuickBooks is software in the cloud, ideal for remote working. For a few hours a month, the right person can do the job anywhere. At Adminstant, our virtual assistants can fill that role. We are experts at bookkeeping with QuickBooks, but we don’t add to your overheads of office space, power or capital expenditure – we have all of that in our own offices.

Adminstant works because we work without adding work. As flexible, self-employed assistants, we pay our own tax and contributions, operate our own IT and are our own human resources department, office maintenance staff and secretaries. We can do all of that for you, too.

To find out more about us and how we can help you by taking on virtual administration, HR, project management, executive assistance or, indeed, bookkeeping with QuickBooks or any other package, contact us now.