Using an Adminstant Virtual PA for Xero Bookkeeping.

Adminstant’s virtual assistants can turn their hands to almost any administrative task in your company, but one area that has a lot of potential for time saving, but also can unlock many capabilities for your organization is timely, regular bookkeeping.

Modern businesses are adopting cloud-based accountancy software like Xero Bookkeeping – indeed QuickBooks, Xero and Sage have revolutionised the way that business is run.

Its advantages are many. It is modular: You no longer need a behemoth accountancy application overloaded with features you don’t need and with a hefty price tag. Xero Bookkeeping uses a subscription-based model where you choose which functions you need. Those functions are updated for security and feature sets continually in the background without any activity on your part. No more fiddling with discs or downloading massive programs over the internet. You always pay the smallest subscription you need while running the very latest software. No more butch, unwieldy spreadsheets of arcane calculations, just the bottom line and a wide range of analysis tools. Never write an equation again, you’re in business not applied mathematics.

Remote bookkeeping with Xero

Xero Bookkeeping Assistant is a virtual bookkeeper that specializes in accounting tasks, including tracking expenses, reconciling bank transactions, and organizing records.

Xero has done an excellent job of turning the tedious task of Quickbooks bookkeeping into something mundane. It also makes sure to reduce human error for customer accounting while optimizing the workflow process.

Because Xero is a cloud-based bookkeeping application, it is accessible on the web, on phones and tablets of every persuasion. Once a trusted bookkeeper or accountant is authorised to access your books, they can work on them almost anywhere. For obvious reasons, the ability to work remotely has come to the fore but that, by definition, means it is simpler than ever to outsource the work to an experienced virtual assistant like the VAs at Adminstant.

Hiring a virtual admin assistant to work in Xero on your books frees up time for you to spend on management information and strategic investment decisions. More than that, the ability to get hold of timely information has its own advantages.

  • The ability to keep a tight rein on finance to get your services and products to market
  • Credit control and cashflow management
  • Have time to develop strategy on top-line trends, instead of balancing the petty cash
  • Payroll, VAT returns, sales and purchase ledgers
  • Relieve your accountants of basic bookkeeping functions at a fraction of their cost.
  • Enable up-to-date, readily available financial information
  • Maintain compliance with HMRC regulations and procedures

A virtual assistant at Adminstant can take many tasks off your hands with maximum flexibility and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Xero bookkeeping is one of those tasks, one skill in Adminstant’s portfolio of administrative and business capabilities.

Make Xero bookkeeping mean zero work

With the cloud capabilities of Xero, Adminstant virtual assistants can handle invoicing, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, data entry and everything in between. That’s on top of all the support administration we can help with.

  • Maintaining client and prospective client lists
  • Chasing invoices
  • Scheduling and diaries
  • Ordering from suplliers

Adminstant works because we work without adding work. As flexible, self-employed assistants, we pay our own tax and contributions, operate our own IT and are our own human resources department, office maintenance staff and secretaries. We can do all of that for you, too.

To find out more about us and how we can help you by taking on virtual administration, HR, project management, executive assistance or, indeed, bookkeeping with Xero or any other package, contact us now.